VORSICHT, KATHARINA! - Jan van de Putte
27 July 2019, 19:45
Karner Hartberg

Jan van de Putte has written his new solo work “Vorsicht, Katharina!” especially for cellist Katharina Gross. It is a work in which Katharina plays, sings and acts. Serbian and Ethiopian music are sources of inspiration. The piece is characterized by its huge timespan and strong emotional charge. Various ornamentation techniques, the synchronisation of singing and playing as well as its generous duration are aspects of the aforementioned musical traditions that flow into Jan van de Putte’s new work. Gestures originating from the cello playing itself give the piece a theatrical charge. Also Katharina’s voice is brought into play.
Van de Putte about Vorsicht, Katharina!: “An epic piece, a sort of symphony in which different materials develop, penetrate each other, blend and transform. A journey through many worlds, sometimes also ritual…”
Vorsicht, Katharina! on the one hand draws inspiration from Schopenhauer’s favourite book The Art of Wordly Wisdom by the Spanish Jesuit priest and philosopher Baltasar Gracián, who warns his reader of the capricious aspects of friendship, and on the other hand from the involvement of contemporary literature with the information collapse of our time.

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